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Lead Collection & Management
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A lead is anyone that's potentially interested in becoming one of your customers. Maybe you've started a dialogue with them and you want to keep them engaged. Maybe they've seen an ad you're running and would like to learn more.

Momence Leads feature allows you to:

  1. Streamline leads collection with interest forms you can embed on your website or through paid ads, then target those leads with automated messaging.

  2. Create a lead on the fly as you strike up a conversation with a new potential customer.

  3. Connect your Facebook account to automatically collect leads from your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Once in Momence, your leads can easily be added to Sequences or contacted en masse by your staff. Momence will take care of tracking lead conversions and help you perfect your marketing funnel, allowing you to automate the growth of your business.

In order to gain access to this new piece of functionality, you simply need to purchase the Leads App from your Dashboard App Store.

The articles below describe in detail how to work with the Leads app and help you create leads from the Dashboard, via the website, connect Leads to Facebook ads, and much more:

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