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This article describes how physical locations work and helps you organize your studio locations and venues.

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You can now add physical addresses to your locations, and assign rooms or spaces to those physical locations. This new functionality will streamline your location management process. You can do this by clicking on Organize locations on your main Dashboard page, or via the Locations page under Studio setup.

Bear in mind this needs to be actioned before December 10th to avoid any disruptions to your Momence account.

While this change will not have any effect on your class locations, it will help you better organize your studio venues and locations so that you can better manage them in the future.

The steps below describe the process to organize your physical locations and rooms for a business that has two studio locations: Granada and Madrid, and 2 rooms in each studio: Room 1 and Room 2 in Granada, and Room 3 and Room 4 in Madrid.

1. Designate in-person physical locations

First, you will want to specify which locations are physical locations. For the example at hand, you would select Granada and Madrid.

2. Assign spaces and rooms to physical locations

In this step, for each physical location, you will need to select the rooms in the studio. In this case, we would select Room 1 and 2 under Granada, and Room 2 and 3 under Madrid.

3. Add addresses to physical locations

In this last step, you would simply add the address for each of the studio locations.


What happens if I don't have any physical location and all the locations in my Momence account are rooms?

In this case, you will need to create a new location that is going to be your physical location with the name and address of your studio. After this is done, you can add all your rooms under such a physical location.

What happens if I only have 2 physical locations without any rooms in them?

In this case, you will need to create rooms as locations for each of the studio's physical locations. In the example above, if we have studios in Madrid and Granada, you will need to create a Room 1 location as a room within Madrid, and a Room 2 location as a room within Granada.

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