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Add Physical Locations, Add Rooms within Physical Locations to help customers book easier
Add Physical Locations, Add Rooms within Physical Locations to help customers book easier
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You can designate certain locations as Physical, and then add rooms within those locations. This makes it easier for your customers to see exactly where they will need to go when booking a class or appointment and is especially helpful to them if you have multiple rooms within one physical location.

** Note: This feature is in its initial rollout. Additional functionality will soon be released, like easily viewing the "parent / child" relationships of each room (child) alongside its corresponding physical location (parent). **

How do I set this up?

  • If a location has an address, consider it a Physical Location

  • If the location is a room within a Physical location its a 'Non-physical' location (Wait but aren't rooms physical things too? Yes. This is just the terminology we settled on to distinguish between the two ;)

To get started, click Studio Set-up > Locations > click the dropdown menu to the right of each location > click Edit

Then choose to designate it as a Physical Location or choose which Physical Location it belongs to (its Parent Location).

To view which non-physical locations are currently assigned to a physical one, just click on the Physical Location in question from the Locations Index Page (pictured below).

You'll find 'Assigned non-physical locations' listed at the bottom.

How does this display to the customer?

If you've merely renamed everything, you're all set here. Customers will see the updates

If you've just added new rooms or physical locations, make sure you've:

  • assigned them to the correct Appointment Boards and, if needed,

  • update your classes' locations to reflect reality

This ensures customers see the updates too.

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