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Kisi allows you to manage access to your premises without having to physically be there. Here's how to integrate Momence with Kisi.


  • create a Kisi account at

  • add your location within Kisi

  • verify your email address to activate your account

  • order your hardware components, including door controllers and electronic locks

Once hardware installation is complete, its time to integrate with Momence.

Connect Kisi to Momence:

In Kisi, log into your dashboard:

  1. In the top right corner, click on your email > select “My Account”

  2. In the left hand menu, select “API”

  3. Click “Add API Key” > Name it Momence > enter your Kisi password to confirm

  4. Once the key is created, copy it

Note: If you see an existing “Momence” API key before you add a new one, delete the existing one by clicking the trash icon. Then add a new API Key.

After copying the API key in Kisi, open Momence.

As an Admin > click Apps & Integrations > Integrations > Kisi > Settings > paste in the API Key, and hit Save.

Once you hit Save, you will see all the locks (connected to doors) that you have connected to Kisi. For each lock, you can test to see if the lock is online by clicking the “Test unlock” button.

If it isn’t successful, the Kisi lock most likely isn’t online. Please contact Kisi support to help you with getting the lock online, or reach out to [email protected] if you need more help.

Whats the customer experience?

Customers can unlock Kisi enabled locks from their Momence mobile app and will only be able to access your these locks if they have the correct Momence tag.

In other words, if the customer's subscription or pack is tagged with 'Gym Door Access', and you've added this tag to one or more Locks (pictured below), then customers on a subscription or pack with this tag can unlock the door.

How do I ensure only certain customers can access the building?

You can control which tags can access which locks from the Kisi integration page in Momence. To set this up, do the following:

First tag your memberships by clicking > Memberships > Subscriptions & Packs > Edit scroll to the bottom > Add tag.

Next Add those same tags to the locks they'll need access to by clicking Apps & Integrations > Integrations > Kisi > scroll to Locks.

Lastly, send your customers here to find a link to download the mobile app.

As customers begin accessing the building you'll see the Access Logs filling up at the bottom of the Kisi Integration page.

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