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Location-Based Unlock Capability
Location-Based Unlock Capability
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If you didn’t know, we integrate with Kisi, which is a product that allows your customers to unlock the doors to your gym right from the Momence app. This is especially useful if you have a 24-hour gym that has unstaffed hours where clients can come and go at their leisure.

Now, in conjunction with this feature, we are excited to launch location based unlock capability, meaning that you can set how close someone has to be to the physical location in order for that unlock to work. We are excited to add this additional layer of security so your mind can be at ease knowing that customers can only unlock when they’re actually on the premises (avoiding the ability for them to unlock for other people).

To turn on the location parameters, go to: Apps & Integrations > Integrations > Kisi > toggle ON Enable geofencing protection > select location and maximum distance.

PS - does your gym prefer to use physical key fobs for customer unlocking? Stay tuned for our integration with Passport coming very soon!

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