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Momence & Gympass
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Integrating with Gympass will allow you to seamlessly integrate your class schedule with their app so your customers can book your classes via their app. Below is a guide on how Momence integrates with Gympass:

Integrating Gympass

To set up your Gympass integration, first you will need a Gympass account. You should also contact the Gympass to provide you with Gym ID(s). Gympass should also know that the integration is meant to work with Momence, so they can set it up correctly.

When ready, you will need to provide Momence with your Gympas id by going to Apps & Integrations > Integrations > Gympass. Once there, paste your Gym ID on the corresponding field and select the right In-Person and Virtual Class Product IDs using the dropdown menu.

You will also need to specify the physical location or venue that will host your Gympass classes. Bear in mind that only the classes taking place on this location or venue will show up on Gympass. If you want all your classes to show on Gympass regardless of location, you will need to add several Gympass gyms, all of them with the same Gym ID, In-Person ID, and Virtual ID, but each of them pointing to each of your Momence locations.

How to create a class on Gympass

When you create a class in Momence, whether it is a recurring session or a one-off, make sure that the class location is already linked to a Gym ID as shown below. Once the class is created, it will be automatically synced with Gympass. You can see how to create a class in Momence here:

How does the integration work?

Your classes and capacity will be automatically synced between Gympass and Momence. When a customer of yours books a class via Gympass, the booking will instantly appear on Momence and a new customer will be created if they didn't exist on your CRM already.

Also, customers who check in via Gympass will also appear as checked in on Momence.

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