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Spivi integration
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Integration with Spivi allows you to manage your classes only via Momence and synchronize those classes with Spivi. Whenever a customer makes a booking on Momence, they will be automatically added to your Spivi class, too, so their metrics can be tracked. You can also view your customer’s metrics associated with a specific class or their aggregated metrics directly from their profile page.

Step 1.

Use Spivi login credentials to enable the integration. Follow the attached link to also input the correct Site ID.

Upon enabling the integration, Momence automatically tries to synchronize your Momence customers with your Spivi customers in the background. We need to do this in order to match Spivi Client ID with Momence customers to be able to query customer’s metrics later.

The client synchronization runs every 24 hours to also keep new clients in sync. There is also a possibility to trigger the sync manually after the integration is enabled.

If the customer exists on both platforms with different email, we’re unable to make a match. You can then go to the customer's profile and set the Client ID manually.

You can find Spivi Client ID on customer’s Spivi profile.

Step 2.

Create one or more Spivi gyms. Enter Box ID, which is the ID of the device responsible for metrics tracking in your gym. Map it to one of your Momence locations

By creating a Spivi gym, we’re then able to sync the classes that take place at a specified location with the Spivi platform.

When a customer makes a booking, we automatically add them as participants to the Spivi class. It’s important that the class has a spot selection so that we can assign the customer to a specific spot within the Spivi class.

Similarly, if the customer cancels the booking, they are removed from the Spivi class.

Optional Step 2.1

You can also fill in more specific details about your customers from their Momence profile. This will improve the metrics tracking.

Step 3.

Start your class in your gym. This section is to be extended.

Step 4.

Viewing the Spivi metrics.

You can view 2 types of Spivi metrics.

I. Performance trends

These are aggregated metrics of all classes the customer participated in.

II. Metrics per class

All the metrics above can also be viewed by customers from their member portal.

Note: This is the basic initial display of the metrics. It will be improved soon. Possibly with some charts, too.

Step 5.

The integration can be removed at any time.

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