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Workout Programming
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We are super excited to release our Workout Programming App! This will be especially enticing for our gym partners, yet, there are more enhancements coming soon which will allow this app to be used in a variety of ways.

This feature is perfect for hosts who offer their clients a workout of the day or week and/or programs that build over time, where tracking results is highly encouraged.

Here’s the rundown on how it works:

  • Once the app is activated* on your account, you’ll find a new tab called Workouts in your lefthand navigation bar. Here, you’ll be able to find your Programming (think a schedule, specifically for your workouts/programs) as well as a tab for your Workout templates.

*For any host that has their industry listed as Gym, the app is automatically turned on for you. For anyone else interested, head to Apps & Integrations > App Store

  • Templates will be your friend if you like to repeat certain workouts (i.e. if you stick to the same workout for each day of the week for 3 months so clients can track their growth over time; or if you have a new workout daily, but recycle each month), and you can also create a One-off workout from the ‘+ Schedule Workout’ button on the Programming page.

  • When creating a new workout, you’ll be able to add a name and description - visible to you and your clients - as well as workout components. Workout components are where you can build in specific exercises and choose how they’ll be scored (ex. squats component that’s scored based on weight and AMRAP). You can add as many components as you’d like within a workout.

  • Once you have workouts live on your programming schedule, you will be able to view which customers completed the workout. Note that customers can log their completion directly from their app, or you can add them from the specific workout page.

  • For customers, they will see your scheduled programming/workouts under the Workouts tab on their app. From Workouts > Upcoming, they will see any workout(s) scheduled for that day.

  • Once they press Start on a workout, they will be guided through each of the workout components - with whatever descriptions you added in for each component - and will have the ability to score each exercise.

  • Clients will also be able to see all previous results, so they can check in on how they are progressing over time.

Don’t consider your business to be a gym, and glazing over this content?

Hold on - we have some exciting updates coming next that might pique your interest 🙃

Now, maybe you don’t have specific workouts of the day or programming including barbells and squats, but have you ever run a program that includes any components worth reminding clients about and having them track? This feature can be perfect for that too (especially after we add in the ability to change the wording customization from ‘workout’ to ‘lesson’ or ‘program’ next week!)

Take this example - let’s say you’re a yoga studio, and you’re launching a ‘30 Days to Personal Bliss’ program. Within this program, there is a twice daily meditation component, as well as daily journaling prompts, along with the daily yoga classes. Using this new app, you could enter each of your prompts into the daily programming, as well as components of meditation where students can track their length of time meditating and mark their completion! Then at the end, students will be able to see their progression of how long they can sit still, and also have tracking of their prompt answers within the daily workout ‘notes’ section.

What’s also coming soon, is the ability to have specific programming accessible only to customers certain memberships or tags, making it possible to integrate the tool with Teacher Trainings, retreats and more!

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