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Appointment FAQs (all)
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What are Appointment Services used for?

Typically for 1 on 1 services, but also for small groups. For large groups, consider using Classes.

How does setup work?

Hosts can set up Appointments using something called Boards -- an organizational tool. Hosts assign 3 things to a board: Staff, Venues and Services. Schedules are then set for each item. Boards have settings too — like whether their schedules are private, or publicly discoverable.

Can customers see the appointment schedule?

Yes, if a host makes a board public. A public board will show its schedule to customers in the customer facing mobile app. It will also show in an Appointments Plugin on your site or on your schedule page, found by clicking your logo in the top left, then clicking ‘your page.’ Search our knowledge base for “plugins” to learn how to install one.

How do customers pay?

You can take payment in 4 ways.

The first way is to have your customers book themselves via the 'Checkout page' and pay at the time of booking. To share this checkout page with your customers > click Appointments > Schedule > Checkout -- copy the URL to share it.

Or, you can book appointments for your customers and take payment in one of three ways:

  • click the appointment & email a payment link to the customer

  • clicking the appointment, click the 'Pay' button to take payment

  • open Point of Sale, select the customer, and choose Appointment (it will show any unpaid appointments they have to their name)

See all of the above in action and learn more here.

Where can I create packs or subscriptions to be used on appointments?

To create a pack or subscription that can be purchased, then used on appointment services, do the following:

Click Memberships > Subscriptions and Packs > choose which you'll create (pack or subscription) > then name it and price it.

Choose how many credits the customer will get. (Consider what you've priced your Services at when adding this figure).

Then, under 'what this can be used for', un-select any Classes that the pack/subscription should not be useable toward, then select any appointment services it should be useable toward. Save when done.

To make it make it publicly discoverable, from the memberships index page, toggle on 'featured at checkout'.

Now any customer thats self booking an appointment service included in this pack will see an option to buy this pack at checkout.

Can services be booked without paying?

Yes. And, you can control if this is possible. First, its worth noting that payment will not be required when a staff member is booking the appointment for the customer.

But when a customer is booking, you can choose if customers will need to pay to book the appointment. This can be controlled by clicking Appointments > Services > editing a service > scrolling to "Require customers to pay when booking on their own."

Momence tallies unpaid appointments on a customers account for you and unpaid appointments can quickly be found and paid for in POS. Just select the customer and choose Appointments. Or, have them log into their customer account. They will see unpaid appointments listed there and can pay there as well.

In payroll, why is my teacher not getting paid for an appointment they taught?

One of the most common reasons is just simply forgetting to assign a pay rate to an appointment when scheduling it.

So, first doublecheck that this appointment has a pay rate assigned. Assign one if needed, then check that the change is reflected in the upcoming payroll report.

Note: If you are still seeing unexpected behavior at this point, contact our support team at [email protected].

To avoid forgetting to assign a pay rate to each appointment, consider assigning default pay rates to your services (explained in the question/answer below for Pre-populating pay rates)

Can pay rates pre-populate when scheduling Appointments?

Yes. You can assign default pay rates to a service for each teacher (ie, 'for this service, when this teacher performs it, pay them x').

To do this, click Appointments > Services > click the service.

Next, click the services' dropdown menu > Edit pay rate

This pay rate will now auto-fill when scheduling this teacher to perform this service. Once you select that teacher, and that service, the scheduling form will automatically add the default pay rate you chose.

Why can't my customer book a service with their subscription or pack?

This can be for a number of reasons. Usually its just a setting that needs to be changed. Before you begin, make sure you know the name of service the customer was trying to book.

Is the Pack or Subscription applicable to this service?

Click Customers > Customer List > search for the customer and click them. From their customer profile, click the link to their Pack or Subscription.

Then click Appointment Services. Is the service listed here? If not, assign it. Note that if the service is listed below, its included. The checkboxes are just used for removing services. Before moving on, are there any other services that should be listed?

Was the service set up to 'disable booking with memberships'?

To check if this is the case, click Appointments > Services > click the service.

Below, you'll find a section called 'who can book'. It previews the settings chosen for this service when it was first set up.

If the setting called 'Disable booking with memberships' is on, you'll see a red icon like the one below. To turn it off, click Actions (top right) > Edit > scroll to 'who can book' > toggle it off and save.

Can customers with memberships use them to book through the plugin on a website?

Not at this time. However, customers with memberships can click the ‘sign in’ button to book using their memberships. All customers using the plugin can book using a card.

You can also allow all customers (including those with memberships) to book themselves from the plugin but pay later, enabling them to use their memberships when convenient.

This is possible if you update the service setting (click Appointments > Services > edit the service) to allow for booking without payment. Customers can then book from the plugin and pay later by logging in to use their membership or card on file.

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