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Require Two Staff Members for Appointment Services
Require Two Staff Members for Appointment Services
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You can now require two staff members per appointment service.

This works well if you offer services like couples massages where you know you'll need more than one teacher assigned.

To do this, click Appointments > Services > Create (or edit a service using its drop-down menu, pictured below)

Scroll past Pricing to Staff, toggle on 'Requires two teachers' and select which teachers will be eligible.

Important: make sure these teachers are also assigned to the board(s) where the service is assigned.

How does scheduling work for customers?

When customers are booking themselves, if there are more than 2 teachers assigned to this board and service, the customer will have their choice, using two drop-down menus.

Note that you also have randomization options available to you for assigning staff. Learn more here.

After the customer has selected the service, both teachers, and a location, Momence checks each teachers availability and displays times as:

  • Clear if both teachers are free

  • Purple if only one teacher is free

  • Grey if neither is free

How does scheduling work for staff?

Staff can pick a time on a teachers schedule, and if the teacher they chose is one that's assigned to this special service, the scheduler will see an option to add a second teacher.

Note that only one pay rate will be assignable to both teachers so please keep this in mind when scheduling.

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