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How do I set up Content Dripping for my On Demand Video Course?
How do I set up Content Dripping for my On Demand Video Course?
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From your dashboard, click On-Demand > Courses > New Course

Give it a title and description > If content will be released gradually (instead of all at once), enable 'content dripping'

Then set how frequently a new item will be revealed.

Add a course thumbnail, and an optional course intro video. This video gives the customer a free preview of what they'll get with purchase of the course. It can drive conversions.

Add a new course item.

Choose your item type. In this case we'll add a video.

You'll notice content dripping is already enabled from our decision to turn it on earlier. You can override this if you like. If you have more than one video to upload, select Multiple up top.

Click Upload video, then drag and drop your video from your computer into the pop up.

Upload a thumbnail and click Create.

To make it available, toggle the 'published' button on.

You'll be able to preview how soon they'll become available to a customer that's paid for the course.

To make the course public, in the left hand nav, click Courses, then flip on the 'published' toggle next to the course.

Then preview it using the link above. Put this link on your site or share it with your customers. Here's what they'll see when they click on it.

Customers will also be able to find your courses on their mobile app by clicking On Demand > Courses.

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