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Workout of the Day (WOD) Progression Tracking
Workout of the Day (WOD) Progression Tracking
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Tracking progression is motivating in a way that's hard to match and makes it easier for your customers to stick with the program you've assigned.

If you’ve been using our Workouts feature, we’ve just added some exciting new updates to components. You now have the ability to track a customer’s progression of a particular workout over time under their Personal Records section.

This way, you can support your clients in reaching their goals and celebrate how far they’ve come!

To view a client’s progression chart, navigate to their customer profile > Workouts > Personal records > select component. You can view the progression over a long or short period of time, using the drop-down to select.

Note that customers have the ability to add in their own completions from the customer app, or you can add in workout completions on their behalf.

To do it from the host side, find the workout you are tracking (Workouts > Programming > Select workout), then select Add workout completion. From there, you will select the customer and add in their completion details from the workout.

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