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Board Settings Explained
Board Settings Explained
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Boards are where you can assign staff, venues and services to be bookable by Appointment. Boards have their own settings too.

We'll cover what each of the following board setting means.

  • Publicly visible

  • General Settings vs Individual Board Settings

  • Slot Intervals

  • Available Times Display

  • Checkout flow order

  • Random Staff selection

  • Random Venue selection

  • Overlapping appointments by Venue

  • Buffer Time

  • Days shown in advance

For a video explanation, skip to the bottom.

Publicly Visible: This determines:

  • On the mobile app, if customers can discover this board's schedule and book its assigned services.

  • On your website, if you are using the appointment plugin to display appointment schedules there, only public board's schedules will show on your site.

Private boards allow you to hide the schedule from customers do all of the scheduling yourself. You can change a board's public setting whenever you want.

Default Settings: Your board will use default settings from your general appointment settings. You can change these default settings from Settings > Appointments > Appointment Settings. If you have a board that needs to operate with different settings than your default settings, you can override these settings at the individual board level.

Slot Intervals: Decide how often appointments can start (e.g., every 15, 30, or 60 minutes).

Display Format: Choose whether to display available times in a weekly or daily format for customers.

Checkout flow order: The order for customers to choose staff, venue, and time.

Random Staff Selection: Enable random staff selection to distribute bookings evenly. Options are "no," "yes (optional)," or "yes (required)."

Random Venue Selection: This also distributes bookings evenly across venues.

Overlapping Appointments: Decide if multiple staff can be booked at the same time in the same venue. (ie. if you have a venue assigned to this board called room 1 and its too small for more than one appointment to be booked at once, you probably don't want overlapping appointments enabled).

Buffer Time: How much of a break should teachers get between appointments?

Days Shown in Advance: How far in advance can customers view the schedule and book it? Leave blank for indefinite booking.

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