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Create a product
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To create a product, click Studio set-up > Retail Products > Create new product

When you upload products to Momence, an online store is automatically created. This store is not public unless you share the URL. Customers viewing the store can search by product name or filter by category.

Important: Before you share the store out you'll first want to consider a shipping option for each product (unless you plan to hand off these products in the studio after they're purchased).

To preview the store after uploading a few products, click Studio Setup > Retail products > Online store.

To add new products, click Create new product > enter product info > choose to allow shipping'. Note that the default setting is to display the product in the online store.

Just below the Price and Inventory sections, you'll find a field for Barcode. If your business is using a barcode scanner to sell items, you can save time here by scanning in the barcode.

If you've toggled on 'allow shipping' customers that view the product page will see this address field just above the payment section.

The customer will also receive an email confirmation.

After the purchase, you'll receive an email confirmation with shipping info included.

To edit your customer's Purchase Confirmation email template, click Studio Setup > Transactional Templates > search for Product > click the template and make changes.

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