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Allow customers to check in with a key code
Allow customers to check in with a key code
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If you're using a key fob scanner at the front desk and want to assign key fobs to customers, you can do this from their profile page, using the Actions menu in the top right hand corner.

To locate a customer, click Customers > Customer List > locate the customer > click their name

Then, from their profile, click Actions > select Self check-in keys

Put the cursor in the Customer Key field, grab a key fob and scan it. This will populate the number associated with the bar code. You can now hand the key fob to the customer.

Use the URL listed in the pop up above to allow your customers to scan in on their own. We recommend having a separate device running at the front desk that stays on this URL with a key fob scanner plugged in.

Customers will see a screen like the one below. Note that if you have more than one location Momence gives them the option to choose from your locations. If you prefer they don't have to do this you can use one of the special location specific URLs listed in the pop up where you assigned the key originally (pictured above).

After scanning or entering their code, if the customer is currently registered for a class, they'll see an opportunity to check in to that class.

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