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Customer Barcodes for Self Scanning Check-in
Customer Barcodes for Self Scanning Check-in
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Do you offer 24/hour access to your gym or space, or just have times where the check-in process feels like a madhouse (i.e. big class sizes or multiple classes at the same time)? Well, we have something to make this process a whole lot easier for you and your customers!

Introducing: customer barcodes for self check-in. With this new feature, the system can automatically generate a key code number to all customers, which customers will be able to access with the click of a button from the Momence app. Previously, you could create and assign key fobs for your clients, but that just gives them one more thing to forget to bring with them, whereas we doubt anyone will forget to bring their beloved phone to class 😉

You can turn this on under Settings > General set-up > toggle ON Automatically generate self check-in keys for all customers.

Once enabled in your settings, customers will see the below icon next to “message” on the main page of their app. Tapping the icon will pull up their unique barcode so that they can easily scan in!

Note that if you do have customers with previously assigned key fob numbers, this will autogenerate them a second one which will be viewable on their app, and the key fob will still work as well.

Curious about how to get started with a self check in scanner? Check out this article!

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