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Bulk edit the renewal prices of active subscribers + how to bulk freeze
Bulk edit the renewal prices of active subscribers + how to bulk freeze
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To edit the renewal price of a subscription's entire list of subscribers at once, click Memberships > Subscriptions and Packs, click on the subscription.

Scroll down to the sign up list > click the dropdown menu to the right.

Next, choose how you'll edit the renewal prices. Here's how each option works.

Specific allows you to change all prices to a specific amount (ex. put 70 here and everyone's price will update to 70 every renewal).

Absolute allows you to increase or decrease the amount of everyones price by the number you put here (ie. $5 would look at everyones price and increase it by 5.

(-5 would decrease it by 5).

This is a helpful option if you have some customers that pay less. You'll effectively be raising everyones price by $5 here but those customers will still be paying less after this change is made. You can always fine tune those customer's prices from their profile.

Relative works the same way but gives you a percentage option (ie. increase or decrease by 5%). Enter a negative number to decrease.

Bulk freeze allows you to quickly freeze all customer's renewals on this subscription's list.

Note: To unfreeze each membership you'll need to do this on a per customer basis. (ie from their profile). There is no bulk unfreeze option at this time.

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