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'Disable' feature for memberships: What it does and what its for
'Disable' feature for memberships: What it does and what its for
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The 'disable' feature for memberships is an admin only facing feature.

A disabled membership:

  • is hidden from the public view

  • is hidden from and the front desk role

    • not discoverable in POS

    • not visible in the membership index page

  • can only be sold by an admin, and only from the subscription's details page.

Its ideal for a high level of control, where you don't want this subscription sold/given to just anyone. A good example would be a Staff Membership.

Its also helpful if you just want to temporarily power down a membership's sales from all areas.

Note: this is different from toggling off 'featured at checkout'. If a membership is featured at checkout, its discoverable by customers who are viewing your offerings online. If a membership is no longer featured at checkout it can still be sold by a front desk role through point of sale.

Admins can see a list of disabled subscriptions by navigating to Subscriptions and Packs > clicking Filters. To disable a membership, they can click the drop down menu to the right of it > Disable.

If the admin wants to sell a disabled subscription, they can click it > click new sale > add the customer and add the price (it will default to $0) > then take payment.

If the admin wants to re-enable the subscription so other roles can sell it. They can click the drop down to the right > then click Enable.

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