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Convert Referrals to Members with the Referrals Sequence Template
Convert Referrals to Members with the Referrals Sequence Template
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Momence builds sequence templates so that you don't have to. The newest template leverages your dedicated customer's excitement by encouraging them with referral perks if they refer their friends.

The Convert Referrals to Members template then follows up with those new referrals to encourage them to book that first class, then checks in with them periodically until they buy a membership.

It even identifies your new dedicated customers. The template looks out for your long term growth goals by waiting until these new referrals have become regulars themselves. It then prompts those newly identified regulars with a reward to recruit their friends as referrals.

Pro tip: when building out a template, you can view the mapped logic of a sequence and its specific criteria for each decision point before enabling it. You can alter these specifics to fit your business before you allow it to get started.

Start leveraging this new template under Marketing > Sequences > Create > Folder from template > Convert Referrals to Members.

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