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One-time Enrollment in Sequences
One-time Enrollment in Sequences
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The One-time Enrollment setting allows you to ensure that customers can only be enrolled once in a particular sequence. Whether you're managing a win-back campaign or providing special messaging to class pack customers, this feature offers greater control over your communication strategy.

How It Works

By toggling on the One-time Enrollment setting for any of your sequences, you can prevent customers from being enrolled in that sequence multiple times. Once a customer has gone through the sequence, they won't receive those specific communications again, regardless of any subsequent triggers.

Practical Examples

1. Win-back Sequences

Imagine you have a win-back sequence designed to entice customers who haven't visited your studio in a while. This sequence might offer a discount code or a special offer to encourage them to return. With One-time Enrollment enabled, you can prevent customers from exploiting this system by repeatedly waiting for the discount before returning. This ensures that the incentive remains effective and targeted.

2. Class Pack Messaging

Many yoga studios provide special messaging to customers when they sign up for a class pack, offering guidance on how to make the most of their purchase. However, if customers frequently purchase the same package, they may not need to receive this messaging repeatedly. By enabling One-time Enrollment for your class pack sequence, you can ensure that customers only receive this introductory information once, streamlining their experience and avoiding unnecessary redundancy.

How to Enable One-time Enrollment

  1. Navigate to your Marketing Sequences.

  2. Choose the sequence you want to modify and select Edit

  3. Toggle on the "One-time Enrollment" option.

  4. Save your changes.

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