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Moving a Recurring Class to a Different Template
Moving a Recurring Class to a Different Template
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This article will cover how to change an existing recurring class to a different class type without recreating the series.

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  • I want to change the template of a recurring class without creating a new one. Can the current class be moved to a different template?

  • Are there any limitations to changing a recurring class to something else?

Reasons to Move a Class to a Different Class Template

  • If you have a class series that is less popular than another but still want to keep the exact teaching times and label the class as the more popular one, the best way to make changes is by modifying the class template.

  • Switching an existing class to another type could better accommodate members' needs and preferences.

Moving an Existing Recurring Class to another Template

  1. Click on Classes

  2. Click on Class templates

  3. Select the template that contains the recurring class that you would like to change

  4. Under the Recurring classes tab find the recurring class and click on the three vertical dots to the right of the class

  5. Click on Edit recurring class

  6. Under Select a template select the template this recurring class will be moved to

      1. Remember to change the Internal label as well Example: (Megaformer Class)

  7. Click Save

  8. The class will now move to the select Class Template

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