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BIG News: Momence Phone Numbers are Callable
BIG News: Momence Phone Numbers are Callable

Customers can now call your Momence phone number, eliminating the need to have two numbers connected to your business

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Efficiency is our middle name here at Momence. Our main focus is always on developing new ways for our software to support you in running your business more functionally and successfully. One place that we realized that efficiency could be lacking was with hosts who have a phone number that customers can call, separate from the Momence SMS-only phone number. Having two listed phone numbers can, of course, lead to confusion among customers, which is the exact opposite of what we are striving for…so we went ahead and created a solution:

️ Introducing: Calling for Momence Phone Numbers ️

That’s right, customers can now call the same number that they currently use to text your business (your Momence phone number). This is automatically turned on for all Momence accounts with a phone number! You can automatically forward incoming calls to any phone number of your choosing to take the calls and/ or to receive voicemails. Note that incoming calls are currently supported in: USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, and we plan to expand to additional countries in the near future.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Under Settings > Phone number, set the phone number that you would like calls to be forwarded to. This can be your current business phone or a personal phone number.

  2. This page is also where you can find your current Momence phone number if you need to refer to it so you can place the correct number on your website, google listing, etc!

  3. Once your forwarded number is set, customers will be able to call your Momence number. When calls come through, you will be able to answer on the forwarded line, or customers can leave a voicemail.

Already seeing how this new call forwarding feature will make an impact on your business? Great! And, there’s more to come…stay tuned for another email announcement in the coming days, detailing how you can see missed calls and voicemails in your inbox, how to automate responses via sequences and more.

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