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How do I create a questionnaire or quiz?
How do I create a questionnaire or quiz?
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Note: If you're looking for how to create Custom Fields that prompt users for information at checkouts, this article will show you how do this using a birthday field as an example. This one uses an injury field as an example.

For Intake Forms for Appointments use this article.

Creating a quiz in an On-Demand Course

In our On-Demand section, our Course feature allows you to add quizzes. Click On-Demand > Courses > Add Item (or Add Chapter, then Add Item).

Choose quiz.

Add the quiz's title, then add questions and answers. Note that you can choose to give multiple choice answers if preferable.

Make sure to publish the item. To preview what the customer will see, click the Title to the left.

Then click the direct quiz link.

Here's how the fields filled out above will display to the customer. Note this is using a custom added background color.

Customers are given feedback on right and wrong answers as they advance through the quiz.

To customize the way your on-demand content pages look, click Settings > Branding.

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