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Guest passes are now available in subscriptions
Guest passes are now available in subscriptions
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Two things to consider before activating Guest Passes

  1. Enabling guest passes on an existing subscription will not give guest passes to its existing subscribers.

    It will only give passes to those that purchase the subscription after you enable guest passes. You have two ways of tackling this limitation:

    1. After enabling guest passes on an existing subscription, you can manually edit each customer's subscription from their profile to add how many guest passes they'll get each renewal. We'll cover how to do this later in the article.

    2. Avoid the manual steps of updating each customer's guest passes per renewal, by creating a brand new subscription.

  2. To use this feature, you'll first need to enable a General Setting that allows your customers to purchase multiple class tickets.

    To do this, click Settings > General Setup > scroll to Misc. Account Settings > scroll to the bottom of this Misc. section > toggle on "Enable multiple class tickets".

Enabling guest passes at the subscription level

When creating or editing a subscription, you'll now find (just below the 'usage limit settings') a section where you can:

  • enable guest passes

  • choose how many are given per renewal

  • restrict their use to only new customers

Restricting their use to new customers can be a great way to ensure your existing members are bringing you only new potential business. Note that these new customers can include leads.

Note: if you enable guest passes on an existing subscription that already has a list of paying customers, this change will not add guest passes to their account. The guest passes will only show for new customers that purchase the subscription.

However, you can manually edit a customer's subscription from their profile to add how many guest passes they'll get each renewal.

This will pull up a popup menu like this.

You'll be prompted to choose how many guest passes and if only new customers can use them.

What's the customer experience?

Guest passes can be used from:

  • the customer facing mobile app

  • a customer facing web page

  • a POS transaction where a staff member is ringing up the customer

  • a class details page, where a staff member is driving the transaction

In the customer app, members will now see an option to Add Someone Else, then entering their friend’s name and email. If the member has more than one guest pass available, they will be able to book multiple guests.

From a customer facing webpage, they'll find a toggle to bring a guest, then enter their information.

From the host side, staff can help members bring guests from:

  • Home > POS or

  • from the class sign up page

For Home > POS, select the subscription holder first, then 'paying for someone else'

Search their name or use the 'create new customer' button if needed > choose the class > add it to the cart > under Payments, click Membership > choose the membership with a guest pass.

For the class sign up page, select the customer that has a guest pass, then click Open POS. Choose 'paying for someone else' and enter the customers name. If the customer isn't in your Momence account yet, use this plus icon to add them.

In the payment method section, choose membership and select the subscription with the allotted guest pass!

When guests are booked into class, you'll see this label next to their name on the class roster that reads: 'bought by [member name]'.

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