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Manage Product Inventories per Location
Manage Product Inventories per Location
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If you run multiple locations and sell products, duplicating your products across each location is no longer required.

You can now use one product for multiple locations and set it's inventory levels across all locations using it's variants. Each product now contains within it's 'edit' page a special setting called 'Manage inventory per location'.

***Important***: enabling this setting will wipe the product's current variants' inventories. To prevent data loss, Momence allows you to temporarily move an item's inventories to a single location so as not to lose your data.

To get started, navigate to an item, click Actions > Edit.

Scroll to Inventory > toggle on 'Manage Inventory per Location' > choose which location to move the current inventory to > scroll and Save.

Below the Variants section you'll now see Inventories. Click Add new inventory to add variants by location.

Select the variant you're adding inventory levels for > choose the location where you're setting those levels > add the number of units in stock (and reorder levels / max stock if needed).

Repeat until all your inventory is added. As the list gets longer, consider using the blue Filters button to narrow it down.

How does this change how inventory is sold?

In POS, your staff will see an option to select which location they'd like to sell the product from, and, once sold, the inventory levels will automatically update.

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