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Updating membership prices and duration
Updating membership prices and duration

This article describes the process of updating membership prices and billing cycles, and touches on different aspects to bear in mind

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There are times when you may want to update an existing membership with active subscribers to change its price or duration without having to create a brand new membership and move all these customers to the new one. In these cases, you can follow the steps below.

First off, you will want to update the membership details. In order to do so, simply navigate to the membership's page, click on the actions button and select edit. This will give you the option to edit different things such as the membership price or the duration.

Bear in mind that while the membership has been updated and new customers who purchase it will be on the new pricing and duration settings, existing customers will not see these changes applied immediately. There are two different processes to follow to update the price, and the duration.

Update existing members price

To do so, you can simply navigate to the membership's page, click the Action button and select "Bulk edit active members". This will prompt you with a modal where you can set a new specific price for all existing members, increase or decrease the price by a set amount, or event a given percentage.

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Update existing members membership duration

When it comes to updating the membership duration, this change cannot be processed in bulk as with the price. On the contrary, you will need to wait until the next subscription renewal for the new billing cycling duration to kick off. If you don't want to wait and prefer to charge your customer using the new billing cycle immediately, you can simply edit their active subscription so that it renews on the next desired date.

For this, simply go to the customer affected, select the action button (⋮) next to their active subscription, and change the renewal date to your desired date.

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