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Members receiving discounted rates

Why did members pay for items at a discounted rate?

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If you're curious about why a member received a discount on their membership or event, there are several ways to uncover the details. This article will guide you in locating transaction information to recognize any discounts that may have affected the sales value inaccurately.

Furthermore, we will provide instructions on rectifying these problems once discovered.

Typical Questions

Finding the Reason for a Discounted Rate

  1. Click on the Customers

  2. Click on Customer list

  3. Search for the customer

  4. Click on their Name to open their profile

  5. Click on the Activity tab

  6. Click on the Payments tab

  7. Find the discounted item and click on the three vertical dots to the right of the transaction

  8. Click on Show payment details

If there are any discounts added to the transaction, a breakdown will appear on this window:

Based on the image above, it appears that the customer was able to receive a discounted rate for the 10 Class Package. This was made possible by two price rules that were applied during the checkout process.

If the stacked price rule discount is a mistake, reviewing the price rules is essential to ensure the customer is not receiving a large discount.

Fixing Stacked Price Rules

Building on the previous example, we will now discuss correcting a double discount applied to a transaction because of stacked price rules.

From looking at the Payment Details we can visually see that there are two discounts applied for the 10 Class Package that is priced at $130.35.

  1. First discount was for Price rule - 10% Off Unlimited Members

  2. Second discount was for Price rule - 15% Unlimited Members

Even though the price of the package is correct at $130.35 there are stacked price rules resulting in a total price of $99.72.

To fix this we first need to take a look at both of the price rules and understand why the customer qualifies to the two price rules.

To review the price rules follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Under the Offerings section click on Price rules

  3. Locate the price rules and click on each to review them

Upon reviewing both price rules, it is evident that individuals with the Unlimited members tag receive a 10% discount on the 10 Class Package. Furthermore, those with the same tag are entitled to a 15% discount on the same package under the second price rule.

If a member is tagged as such on their profile or tagged by having a membership, they can benefit from both price rules on the same package. This results in a stacked discount at checkout, ultimately reducing the cost of the 10 Class Package.

Note: To double check a customers tags click on Customers> Customer List> Select Customer from list> Locate Tags on left hand side of customer profile

This customer had two memberships that were both tagged with the Unlimited members tag.

You can take one of two corrective actions to eliminate the combined discounts. You can either delete or modify the price rules to ensure accuracy.

To delete a price rule:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Under the Offerings section click on Price rules

  3. Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the price rule

  4. Click on Delete

Setting up a price rule correctly refer to our article, Create a price rule.

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